Planning Permission in Henley-on-Thames

Planning Permission in Henley-on-Thames

We are delighted to receive planning permission in Henley-on-Thames to extend and reconfigure an attractive Victorian semi-detached property in the St. Mark’s Road Conservation Area.

The existing house is poorly arranged at ground floor level, with the kitchen and conservatory lost towards the rear of the property. There is minimal connectivity to these communal spaces resulting in a dislocated, dark and cramped floor plan.

A small shower room fits around an irregular corridor route at the first-floor level, and the third bedroom is a box room towards the back of the house. There is lots of room for improvement.

Here’s a photo of the existing property. 

Planning Permission in Henley

Our clients had a dream of transforming the property into a light and attractive home perfect for modern family life. 

We have designed a spacious and light kitchen/dining area by infilling the gap on the rear side return. A glazed roof will flood the space with light and offer views of summer sunsets. Extensive glazed doors and triangular windows will provide the much needed physical and visual connection between the house and garden. 

The projected first-floor element gives the illusion that the outrigger is floating and provides the project with a new contemporary presence amongst the traditional features of the main house.  

Additionally, we added two new dormers to the rear of the property, which will allow more light and head height in the new fourth bedroom at loft level. Externally, the dormers are in keeping with other neighbouring properties along the street. 

We have enjoyed working on this scheme and are delighted of course to receive consent from South Oxfordshire District Council for our design. We look forward to helping our clients take this project into the developed design and technical design stages to transform this property into their dream home.

Please get in touch if you would like help with planning permission in Henley-on-Thames. You can also find details of more projects like this in our portfolio