Planning Permission in Teddington

Planning Permission in Teddington

The London housing crisis necessitates creative responses to unlock the potential of unique sites. Granit is well-placed in achieving this, further demonstrated recently by receiving planning permission in Teddington for three new-build houses in the London Borough of Richmond.

The backland site off Atbara Road comprises lock-up garages enclosed by private gardens. It has been subject to many planning applications over the years as the garages have fallen into disrepair.

Recognising the site’s constraints, we proposed three detached dwellings, primarily single-storey above-ground and extensive basement and below-ground spaces. Each house will have two double bedrooms on the ground floor, with the living spaces positioned below.

Sunken courtyards will provide natural light, air, and outdoor space, whilst discrete skylights will provide further natural light deep into the floor plans.

Robustly contemporary in style, the form of the houses has developed to reduce risks of overshadowing and overlooking to and from the surrounding properties.

We closely worked with consultants to address the site’s challenges, such as drainage, access, and sustainability. With the latter, we have committed to infusing energy efficiency and sustainability into the scheme, integrating air source heat pumps, rainwater harvesting, and environmentally-friendly building materials.

Working with planning consultant WSPA for the project, we navigated difficulties in the planning process brought out by emerging planning policies and the pandemic. Discussions with the council ensured that we adequately addressed all queries and comments. We are delighted that this commitment to delivering a high-quality project has been recognised and reflected by the planning committee’s decision to approve the application for planning permission in Teddington.

Backland sites often embody more significant challenges than others for development. Choosing the right team is critical to maximising their potential and delivering the project efficiently.

You can find our contact details here if you wish to define a strategy for a challenging backland or brownfield site you would like to bring forward for development, or if you are looking to achieve planning permission in Teddington.