Planning Permission to a Listed Building in Olney, with Milton Keynes Council

We have recently obtained Planning Permission to a Listed Building in Olney, with Milton Keynes Council

The existing property is a Grade II listed terraced cottage, built originally approximately in the early 18th century in Olney, Buckinghamshire near Milton Keynes, and set within the Olney Conservation Area. Architecturally its form is typical of early nineteenth-century domestic building, although it has been significantly altered both internally and externally during the Twentieth Century.

The property is unloved and tired, and in need of some modernisation. The client’s initial brief was to convert the cottage and demolish part of the rear wall to make way for a new two-storey extension.

Granits proposal offers a more radical approach, essentially introducing a series of glazed elements through the rear section of the cottage. This is to enjoy the benefits of the south sunlight coming through the front windows deep into the plan, and also to expose the existing structure, and a feeling of space to contrast with the smaller rooms of the cottage.

On the ground floor the front of the house the rooms are maintained as existing. To the rear of the house it is proposed to create a lightweight glazed extension and this will comprise a well-proportioned open kitchen, dining and living/lounge areas connecting the two separate spaces. The new central open hall space connects the two spaces, retaining reference to the proportion of the existing cottage; and creating a contemporary intervention to draw one through to the back of the house.

On the first floor an introduction of partitions create a bathroom and dedicated storage space. The rooms to the front remain as existing bedroom, while the rear is reconfigured to provide an ideal longer term use of space for the client whilst highlighting the heritage of the property, through the glazed void. The stairs and open hall maintains a connection to the ground floor.

The proposed extension at roof level, enclosing the rear of the property, is proposed to be pitched to match the existing projection at neighbouring property. The materials are intended to reflect the new addition, but also compliment the existing historic fabric. The transparency of glass here will assist in ensuring the historic development and existing form of the house are still evident.

Having obtained planning permission, we are now progressing with RIBA stages 3-4. If you want to apply for planning permission in Milton Keynes area, get in touch here.