Planning Permission with Wandsworth Council

We have recently obtained planning permission with Wandsworth Council to remodel and enlarge a property in Carminia Road, Balham, London.

The existing house is a Victorian two-storey mid-terrace house with a ground floor rear extension that serves no useful purpose to our clients. The layout is very linear, with the rear kitchen location disconnected from the other communal areas towards the front of the house. The kitchen is accessed via the main hallway through a series of doors and level changes. The add-on extension to the rear connects to the kitchen but is an entirely separate space and is mainly used for storage.

Our Proposal

Our proposal includes a new rear and side return single-storey extension, which connects the new kitchen dining space to the front of the house. This new extension uses the London Stock Brick to match the existing house. The ground floor is now the same level throughout the house and rear garden.

A new flat roof will give lots of head height internally and respects the neighbouring property with a lower roof height around the boundary line. The new flat roof has two roof lights and an ‘up & over’ roof light. The roof lights are staggered to entice the user to travel from the front of the house to the back through the use of natural light.

Other special features requested by the clients include exposed steel internally, bi-folding doors to the rear and brick slips to the kitchen dining area.

We are currently working through RIBA Stages 3-4 with the structural engineers and interiors team, with a view to starting on site in autumn 2022.

Need Help to Secure Planning Permission with Wandsworth Council?

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planning permission with Wandsworth Council