This  project saw the creation of a terrace above an existing flat roof of a property in Battersea Square and the remodelling of a 20 year old penthouse.

We were appointed to design and prepare a scheme to submit for planning permission. We were able to successfully achieve consent to extend the roof terrace and to create approximately 100 square metres of extra space. The process was protracted and required negotiation with the local authority to restrict any overlooking potential. The solution to this challenge was to create a design with two parts connected by a 1m wide walkway. We also introduced planting in front of the glazing that controls the overlooking without the need for sandblasted glass. This combination of glazing and planting has made a significant difference to the final feel of space on the terrace.

Our design creates separate zones on the terrace, with sections for living, dining and cooking. We also changed the windows in the penthouse to sliding folding doors, which has created a much more functional and spacious feeling terrace.

We had to work closely with the structural engineer to work out the best way to create a deck structure over the existing roof. Ultimately the design required large long-spanning steels supported by the load-bearing walls below. An infill deck structure supports the terrace too. There was significant technical coordination required with glass balustrade company to achieve the right finish.

The terrace would not have been complete without a great garden. We worked in partnership with garden designer Richard Miers, who specified the planted beds, water features, planting, irrigation system and lighting.

Overall we have created a beautiful terrace for our client with approximately 100 square metres of extra living space.

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