• Dulwich house refurbishment
  • Dulwich house refurbishment

Granit have recently attained planning consent, and license from the Dulwich Estate, for a considerable rear extension to this detached property in the Dulwich Village Conservation Area. Granit’s sensitive approach to the design of this project won over the Southwark planning department and conservation officer, as well as the Dulwich Estate’s consultant Architect. The achievement of approval from all bodies involved is testament to the considered solution to what is a fairly sizeable intervention in this highly-guarded area in south-east London.

The initial scheme is phase one of a long-term proposal to create a larger family home with contemporary interiors, which will make better use of the site and existing property. Phase one includes a single storey rear extension, containing an open plan kitchen, dining and sitting area, with increased pantry and utility areas. The relationship between the internal spaces and the garden was a key element of our client’s brief and in response to this we designed multiple glazed openings along the rear façade. The intention is to create flexibility within the internal accommodation, so that access to the garden is encouraged all year round.

To the street side of the house, the main entrance is relocated from the side to the front elevation. This reinforces the relationship to the outside space by allowing uninterrupted views from the front door straight through to the back garden. The entrance hall has been reconfigured and the stairs rotated 180 degrees to allow for future expansion to the loft. The addition of large windows on the west elevation, along with open tread stairs, will flood the hall with light and give the space the impact it has previously lacked.

All works taking place in phase one have been carefully considered with the larger development in mind. This approach will help to enable the future front and loft extension, which will eventually more than double the size of the original house, giving this family the additional space need and making the most of the existing plot, creating a home deserving of it’s splendid location.

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