Creation of Four Residential Units on a Derelict Industrial Site

Perpetuum Ltd acquired a derelict car garage site in Wandsworth in 2013 with planning permission for the creation of three new residential units to show a classic example of brownfield architecture. An existing residential unit on the boundary of the site was also acquired to fully refurbish and sell to create a total of four units.

Key Challenges

The site was an irregular plot of land bounded on three sides by residential gardens and the fourth by the car park to an industrial unit, this made access difficult. The scheme that had been approved by planning had been constrained by a number of factors, notably overlooking and overshadowing of the adjacent properties and a high flood table. The resulting form and levels of the units were highly irregular and presented a number of design challenges.

The former industrial use meant the site was contaminated and the adjacent industrial unit meant that a careful strategy was required to address issues of noise.

In addition to this, all units had to achieve level 3 of The Code for Sustainable Homes.

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