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The Brief was to create an Off Grid House

Our client asked us to design an ‘off grid’ home, helping them become less reliant on utility companies and impacted by future price increases. They want a building that prioritises sustainability and energy efficiency and creates an exemplar scheme that’s considered an asset to the local area in Surrey and nationally. 

What we Designed

Our proposal seeks to replace the existing tired house with a new three-bedroom home of high-quality design.

Our design comprises a series of single-storey pavilions set into the landscape. The mass of the building is broken down on the site, arranging the living accommodation around a central courtyard connected by a cloistered walkway. 

We have incorporated a two-storey ‘viewing tower’ against a backdrop of mature trees to allow for long, unobstructed views over the site and the landscape beyond.

With sustainability at the scheme’s heart, the design has evolved around high efficiency and low emissions as core sustainability principles. It also works towards the clients’ desire to live off-grid and grow their own produce. 

Sustainable Design Factors for Designing an ‘Off Grid House’

A highly-efficient thermal envelope and integrated, efficient design, including overhanging roofs to provide solar shading, are critical design ingredients. However, we have also considered many other sustainable design features such as heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, rain-water harvesting and grey-water recycling.

The proposed material palette of timber cladding and metal detailing responds to the site’s natural setting and adjacent woodland. The metal references the agricultural vernacular of the local farm buildings and the site’s farming history. 

Areas of glazing maximise natural daylighting and views out to the surrounding field and woodlands. This glazing aims to strengthen the connection between interior and exterior and help bed the dwelling-house into its natural setting. 

We are also looking at off-site construction, including using SIPS and timber frames, which will provide a thermally efficient and airtight envelope for this off grid home.

The Results?

This project aims to provide a scheme that not only respects its place in its natural context but enhances it to create a home with a strong sense of place and connection to its rural setting.

Integrating sustainable building principles with high-quality design and considered materials at this early stage of the project should enable us to produce a beautiful, efficient, off grid house for our clients.  

If you would like to find out more about designing your own off grid house we would be delighted to talk. You can find our contact details here. 

off grid house

"This project is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate how a home owner can live with minimal dependence on utilities and rising energy prices." Becky, Project Architect

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