• Development in Purley
  • Development in Purley

We have received planning for this commercial development in Purley, London Borough of Croydon. Utilising the borough’s new policies on densification of suburban areas, our design provides three new homes, at the rear of an existing property and substantial garden. Each of these units exceeds the space standards required by the London Plan.

The overall building takes the form of a 2 storey building with an additional storey accommodated within the roof. Due to the change in level, the basement storey will be almost entirely hidden from Purley Rise and will be further concealed by screening provided by soft landscaping. The roof will be pitched and finished in slate. A concealed box gutter will create a crisp and contemporary building line. The dormers that project beyond the roof level will project from the external facade of the building and will accommodate large aluminium-framed glazing.

The facades will be finished in a ceramic red tile and a light grey brick at lower ground floor – a nod to the detailing of the main property without the ornate decoration. All glazing will be as tall as practically possible to maximise daylight enjoyed by the future residents. These will be framed with a narrow aluminium profile.

Access to the development will be via a projecting balcony on the ground floor. A central staircase provides vertical circulation throughout the ground and first-floor units.

The unit at the basement level will be provided with a private courtyard to meet private amenity requirements. A terraced retaining wall will be landscaped to ensure the units receive adequate daylight and outlook. A 25-degree outlook from the basement will be achieved in accordance with Croydon’s policy.

The units at ground and first floor will feature a semi-recessed balcony providing the 5sqm private amenity space required. This ensures that adequate amenity provision can be met with minimal visual impact on the proposal.

Owing to the pitch of the roof, the unit in the loft will be smaller. A number of dormers will ensure that the required space standards can be achieved. Private amenity for the unit at the front of the proposal is to be provided by means of an inset balcony.

Our project sets a precedent for a high-quality contemporary development and an exemplar as to how a client can maximise their return on investment for these types of sites.

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