Plannign Permission in Richmond

We were asked by our client to help them to achieve planning permission to transform their detached 1960s bungalow into a modern family home. The property had been refurbished and had a loft conversion added in the 1980s. There was planning permission already in place to extend the first floor walls, raise the main roof, including front and rear dormers, and to add a single-storey rear extension. Our clients felt they could achieve more, and we agreed the plot had much more potential.

The property and permitted changes were in a 1980’s style and not in keeping with the area. We used the existing permission as a starting point and worked with the local council to develop a proposal for a new build house in a more suitable, post-war style. It was essential to draw on influences from the surrounding area to make sure any new design sat well with the neighbouring properties.

We decided with our clients to demolish the existing property and to build something new in its place. Approaching the scheme as a new build presented challenges with regards to local policy, which discourages the demolition of local housing stock. We had to make a robust and sustainable case to enable us to pursue a complete replacement of the dwelling.

However, applying as a new build scheme also had its advantages. It creates a blank slate in terms of the use of the site and also the building design. New build property qualifies the works for 0% VAT, which substantially reduces the costs and allows our client to focus their budget on high-quality materials with a low carbon impact that also makes use of renewable energy generation.

The strategy of applying for a new build scheme required us to manage a more complex planning application process. This process included co-ordinating input from sustainability consultants and providing additional information around the construction process and its management. We went through multiple applications to ensure we complied with the necessary regulations and incorporate design input from the local authority’s planning officers.

We are delighted to have achieved planning for our client for a property that is well planned out, efficient and significantly larger than the previous house. The property will have an extra 100 sqm taking the floor area to approximately 325sqm, adding roughly £900,000 to the value of the property.

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