FAQ: Environmental Policy

At Granit Architects we believe that sustainability is the key to any project and should be inherent in its design. It is not about bolting on photo voltaics (PVs) to an inefficient building, it is about simple design principles that inform all aspects of the project from conception through to its daily use.

Sustainability issues to us include:

– Maximising natural light in buildings
– Minimising energy consumption in buildings
– Making the most of a buildings orientation
– Using heavy thermal mass structures to control heat loss and gain
– Sourcing local materials as far as possible
– Specifying materials and construction with a high BRE green rating and maximising performance in use
– Exceeding current legislation on energy efficiency and future proofing our designs
– Using natural ventilation
– Using renewable sources of energy as far as possible
– Reusing waste water where possible
– Reducing our own pollution
– Integrating building services with simple, intuitive controls
– Avoiding overly complex detailing and construction methods
– Encouraging recycling in our work place, on construction sites and in clients’ homes.
– Encouraging the use of public transport and cycle to work schemes
– Protecting and encouraging biodiversity
– Raising awareness of environmental issues to our clients throughout the design and construction process.
– By applying these guiding principles to the way in which we design buildings and conduct ourselves in business, we hope to take a long term view in caring for our planet.

We encourage you all to do the same.