FAQ: The Design Process

Do you have a particular house design style?

We certainly have strong design principles, but each project is led by a combination of client tastes, constraints on the existing building, its context and planning legislation, practical considerations and budget. We don’t believe in plagiarism or a slavish copy of a style.

Do you design the interiors?

As architects, we take a holistic view to the design process. Exterior, interior, structure, services, finishes etc. are all intrinsically linked and should be fully thought through to deliver the best end results. We also have an inhouse interior design department that works closely with our architectural team to provide a full design service for our clients that would like this additional level of detail and support.

Will there be one point of contact? Who will run the job?

If appointed we assign a team to work on your project, led by a Director with a job architect and architectural assistant or technician. First point of contact will typically be the director or the job architect running the job.

How much time should I allocate to my project?

Working all hours at the office to pay for the project is understandable, but you must also put time aside to review information and make important decisions. You will need to allocate time for 2-3 meetings in our offices during the planning stages, typically during working hours. You will also need to spend time at weekends and evenings making decisions on fixtures, fittings and finishes.

We will of course guide you through this process and a collaborative approach usually brings the best results. We find that if you put in the effort it will be rewarded in the end product with a sense of ownership.

Can you recommend builders?

We work with a number of builders on a regular basis on different sizes of projects and would put forward 4-5 of these for tender, on the basis that one will drop out. We recommend you follow up your own references and credit checks.

Are you experienced in garden design, mechanical and electrical (MandE), cost analysis or other non-standard services?

To an extent we have some experience in all these areas, but if it is more involved than the standard service we offer, we would always recommend you employ specialist consultants. If we are not experienced, we know a firm that can and would expect to be involved to ensure the design works as a whole.

What will my house be worth and what sum should I invest?

This is a question for the local estate agents and we can assist you in estimating the costs to add additional floor space. We always aim to bring a return on our client’s investments.