Architectural design is about three things: people, space and light. Our skill is to understand each in order to create beautiful spaces. We provide a full architectural design service aligned to the Royal Institute of British Architects’ key work stages (find out more below).

Whether you are embarking on your first project or a seasoned property developer, we will carefully manage every stage of every project, from defining a solid brief to achieving a great design, securing planning and ultimately realising your vision in a completed property.

Our Process

We organise our architectural services around the Royal Institute of British Architects’ Plan of Work stages. This enables us to work with our clients for the entire journey of a project, guiding them through the myriad of decisions they will make throughout the process. Ultimately our aim is to realise our clients’ goals for every project.

The Strategic Brief – RIBA Stage 1

We take time at the outset of every project to learn about our clients’ needs, wants and constraints. Only by understanding this and by studying the space available – whether that’s an existing building or a piece of land – can we begin to design the most appropriate solution for you.

Budget and Programme

From the outset, we discuss your budget and predicted construction costs too. We keep the budget on the agenda when developing the brief and design proposals, allowing for flexibility in the final result.

We aim to set a realistic programme with our clients and work towards keeping the project on track, meeting key targets and keeping everyone informed along the way.


With a clear understanding of our client’s needs and wants, the space we are working with, and, crucially, the budget, the creative process can begin. This first phase is when we begin to define at the top level our initial ideas for what could be achieved. It is often the first time you will begin to get an idea of our creative vision for your property. By presenting our ideas to you, we will be able to move forward with an agreed design idea to work up into the final concept.

Concept Design and Planning – RIBA Stages 2 and 3

Once we have agreed on a design approach, we will create the drawings necessary to submit a planning application. This will include outline proposals for the structural design, building services systems, outline specifications and preliminary cost information. We will work with our professional partners to create a design that meets your needs and is practically achievable.

Once we have an agreed design concept, we will manage the process of submitting a planning application. We have extensive experience working with the planning authorities across all London boroughs and throughout the UK.

Developed and Technical Design – RIBA Stage 4

Once planning has been achieved, we will begin the detailed design process. This stage involves working up the finer details of a building, covering everything from the structural integrity of the design to working with our interiors team to specify details such as kitchens, bathrooms, lighting schemes and floor coverings.


The tender process is the culmination of the design and planning work and where we begin to engage with a range of contractors. We will produce all of the necessary documents to allow your chosen builders and sub-contractors to provide an estimate to complete the construction works. Often at this stage, we begin a process of cost-engineering, whereby we refine the project plans and specifications to deliver a property that works within your budget.

Construction – RIBA Stage 5

We design every building with the view that it will actually be built. We find nothing more enjoyable than when our design work becomes a reality. This entails the provision of detailed construction information, regular inspections to ensure that builders are building to the contract information, assisting the contractor with delivery, and managing variations to a project. We are well-practised in all aspects of contract administration.

Handover and Practical Completion – RIBA Stage 6

Once your building works are complete, we move into the defects period. We will work with you and your contractor to ensure your new property meets the design and standards you expect, culminating in the issue of a final certificate.

We like to work with our clients closely throughout the journey of a construction project, from the initial idea to you fully occupying your new space.

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