A crucial stage in property development, refurbishment, and renovation is recording an accurate survey of your site or building. These are commonly known as an ‘existing survey’. You must get an accurate existing survey, whether it is the dimensions of a building or the topographical arrangement of a site, as this will form the basis of all future design work.

At Granit we have an in-house survey team that has invested in the state-of-the-art point cloud technology – the Trimble X7. We have made this investment because we know the importance of ensuring the accuracy of your property and basing your project with the firmest of foundations at its infancy. The benefits of having Granit produce the survey drawings is the scanner records everything in line of sight, it builds a 3D jigsaw puzzle and each scan references previous scans or overlaps.

Once the entirety of the property has been scanned and the overlaps have been put into place accordingly you can see where there are void spaces in the model. Such as the inside of walls and floors these void spaces are where we then discover the thicknesses of your walls and floor thicknesses from our CAD software. We build a full 3d BIM model of every project we work on, so it is logical that the information inputted from the outset is in 3d.

Existing property
Point cloud scan of property
BIM model created from point cloud scan

Unlike third party surveyors that supply architects with a set of 2D drawings with limited information, consisting of floor plans cut at 1100mm, elevations, two sections and only 2 meters of context, we at Granit are able to offer a cut plane through any height and take an infinite amount of sections through any part of your property resulting in an in-depth understanding of internal & external spaces which is accessible to every team member devoted to your project. Not only that, the X7 helps us gain context up to 90 meters away. This benefits Granit’s position to build an argument to the council for your proposal as to why it does respect its surrounding context matching neighbouring roof heights or the extent of your neighbours extension.

The new top of the range equipment allows us to measure places we would not usually have access to, with live results allowing us to see on site what has been recorded depicting which rooms are not square, information that a normal tape measure would not be able to pick up on.

3d Scan of attic space

When producing drawings for a new dormer it is essential to record the dimensions and spacing of existing joists, the X7 is able to record all of the information needed and more in under 2 minutes. On one of our projects we would have been unable to measure the walls surrounding an imprisoned tree however with access through an open window our team was able to record measurements from over 10 meters away.

The survey is more cost effective as it avoids a third party, you can book it in house, reducing the time it takes for us to move forward with your project. We can then import the point cloud into our 3D cad modelling software. From there we accurately draw up the model in the correct layers as opposed to building a model from somebody else’s drawings, which doubles the time spent.

The survey team was started by Thomas Koren who has been producing surveys with his father from the age of 16, now with over 10 years of experience under his belt and 4 years at Granit. Tom has created, coordinated and taught a small team within Granit to produce accurate detailed surveys moving between different types of equipment from Total Stations to 3D scanners allowing Granit to produce measured building and topographical surveys for both small and large scale projects. Supported by Will Turner we now offer our clients unmatched in house expertise.

We recommend to all of our clients starting their projects with Granit, that they benefit from our in-house expertise. Contact us here.

Will on site with the Trimble X7 Point Cloud survey equipment in use at our project in Tetbury.



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