A crucial stage in property development, refurbishment, and renovation is recording an accurate survey of your site or building. These are commonly known as an ‘existing survey’. You must get an accurate as existing survey, whether it is the dimensions of a building or the topographical arrangement of a site, as this will form the basis of all future design work.

At Granit, we have a qualified and experienced surveying team led by Thomas Koren. Thomas and his team ensure we offer our clients an accurate, speedy and cost-effective surveying service. We use the latest digital surveying equipment, which reduces human errors from a more traditional tape measure, photo and hand-drawing approach (although we offer this service also for smaller projects). 


Surveying Services

Granit provides two primary surveying services:

Small Projects:

The small project service comprises the production of existing drawings having collected information using traditional equipment, i.e. hand-drawn dimensions recorded using a simple tape measure.

We translate the survey recordings into digital floor plans suitable for use in CAD programs.

This service is only suitable for small properties with more simple alterations or design requirements.

Large Projects and Commercial Sites:

We use survey drawings produced using the latest digital measuring equipment for larger schemes, including a tool station theodolite. These tools increase accuracy, reduce the likelihood of human error, and record far more detail, including topographical and building information, positions of building fabric, building heights, and the levels of a site.

This approach provides a greater depth of information, which is invaluable in the design stages of a project and can assist in dealing with planning issues relating to neighbours and any construction discrepancies.

The survey information is recorded digitally and downloaded into our CAD software, from which we can create detailed building information.

Our surveying team usually works in collaboration with our architects and interior designers. However, we can also be appointed independently and provide surveys throughout London and the South East.


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