A crucial stage in property development, refurbishment, and renovation is recording an accurate survey of your site or building, often called an ‘as existing survey’. You must get an accurate as existing survey, whether it is the dimensions of a building or the topographical arrangement of a site, as this will form the basis of all future design work.

We have invested in state-of-the-art 3D point cloud survey technology to ensure the accuracy of our surveys. Our scanning technology records everything in its line of sight, from which it builds an accurate 3D model. You can see below an example of a property we have recently surveyed.


Existing property


Point cloud scan of property


BIM model created from point cloud scan

Once the entirety of a property has been scanned, we gain a detailed picture of its construction and create a full 3D BIM model to work from. This ensures all of the building’s information is 3D from the outset of a project, aiding our clients and the full design team in making decisions. It is far more accurate than relying on a normal tape measure or standard 2D plans.

Our survey technology also captures the context of the building, including up to 90 meters away. This detail can be very useful in working with local planning authorities when we need to examine the neighbouring properties.

3D Scan Example

When producing drawings for a new dormer, it is essential to record the dimensions and spacing of existing joists, and our camera is able to record all of the information needed in less than two minutes. 

We recommend all of our clients start their projects with a survey from the Granit team. You can see below a photo of Will Turner, our lead surveyor, busy at work.


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