“At no time do we ever walk into our extension and feel anything other than in love with what’s been created. The changing light throughout the year makes the work feel new and fresh every time you look at it. And we haven’t had friends or family walk in and say anything other than “wow” when they see it. The space that’s been created is life-changing for us. We liked James immediately. He, unlike a few others, wasn’t pretentious and got on with us on a personal level. He was very realistic and honest with us about what we could and couldn’t do. We trusted his sneer-free guidance and creative judgement. There was on the odd occasion a surprise or two. But nothing that isn’t normal when undertaking a build like ours, and nothing that wasn’t put right with civilised conversation. Put it this way, if we could do it all again with or without them, we’d do it with them every time.”

Beri Cheetham