We asked Gareth and Mary about their experience of working with Granit for the refurbishment of their apartment in Clapham, South London. We are delighted with their response below.

We went to Granit because our neighbour worked with them on the remodelling of his flat and he was very happy with their work.

Our experience overall is very good, even with the unexpected difficulties created by Covid.

We moved out of the flat in early February 2020 just before the first lockdown. The restrictions prevented Granit’s George Holland from visiting the site and, as a result, he sometimes couldn’t send us photos showing progress. However, we are enormously grateful that, thanks to George’s efforts and the fact that the contractor worked non-stop right through lockdown, the project was completed almost on schedule.

Lisa [from Granit’s interior design team] was very helpful and very easy to work with. She always had ideas to offer and has a very wide knowledge of what is on the market and where it can be sourced. We valued her contribution very much.

If you are thinking of appointing an architect and interior design firm, Granit should be seriously considered.