We asked Maggie and Alan about their experience of working with Granit on the extension and renovation of their family home in Putney and thank them for their kind words.

We love our home. It’s like being on holiday every day. We luxuriate in this home.

We were so lucky to have James, Tom and Vicki (from Granit) working together to make our vision happen. It has delivered on all aspects; we wanted the best use of space and they have achieved that for us.

We have a great connection with the garden with lovely, light spaces all around the house, so there’s always a perfect spot for reading, or sewing, or doing some work. It was great during the lockdown as we had plenty of space, enough even to create a separate area for our daughter to work when she returned home while studying.

I don’t know what I would have done without James and Tom when the builders went bust. They guided us through LADs (liquidated and ascertained damages), which we knew nothing about before the project. There is nothing either of them could have done more to make the situation any better. We have been well supported by the Granit team being very good at what they do.

When we were looking for a firm for our project, we wanted a team that could work together across architecture and interior design, and that is exactly what we got. This was very important as I know how difficult good interior design is to achieve. The extra money we invested in interior design pays back in multiples and multiples.

If anyone asks me whether they should appoint Granit, I say ‘most certainly’. Do your homework, but you can trust Granit.