“From our point of view, working with Granit took a lot of the worry out of the project. We bought the house and totally gutted and refurbished it. Granit managed the whole process and paid very close attention to the detail. They helped to streamline the process, making it efficient and they acted as a good safety net. When the builders rang with questions if we didn’t know the answer we could rely on Tom to know exactly what was happening and what we needed to do.”

“Everyone thinks they are an architect or an interior designer, but in reality, you need an expert. Working with Granit, they just put it all together perfectly. They helped us to create a great home – we’d imagined what we wanted, but had no idea how to take our ideas into reality. Granit did that for us.”

“If you asked what we’d say to someone thinking of employing Granit, I’d say make the most of the initial 3-4 week period as you’ll be asked for a lot of information. It’s worthwhile spending the time at this stage because it really helps to get the details of your home right. The team at Granit is very experienced and very detailed so take advantage of that. Working with Granit will give you a very good home and you’ll get a very good service too.  Everything they promised at the start of the project they delivered.”

Nick Browne