“James was really good, personable and easy going. He was so friendly and was open to the limitations, which gave us the confidence to employ Granit. He introduced us to the process, which was good for us as it helped us focus our ideas; it’s easy to get over excited and carried away, particularly as our project was smaller. It was good to talk to an Architect first hand and we got the feeling Granit was engaged throughout the project. We certainly really appreciated and enjoyed their input.”

“It was important for us to consider the value too, as engaging with Granit would reduce our build budget; it was well worth it. We really couldn’t have done the project on our own and it felt like we were working together at solving problems, not just buying a service. It was very collaborative, which was nice.”

“Granit put forward some potential builders to add to our own list. After meeting with a few, gauging the chemistry and comparing quotes we went with one of Granit’s suggestions ‘Austin & Jenkins’. We were so pleased with this decision and the whole experience with John (Jenkin’s) team was efficient and enjoyable with excellent suggestions along the way and a quality to match Granit’s vision.”

“We found Granit to be flexible, friendly, collaborative, understanding, patient and caring. It really felt like they cared. At the start of the process, we hoped Granit would help us to make decisions, to pin us down, so we could make the key decisions and not deliberate too long. Granit was really good at this and we felt confident all of the decisions were covered and ticked off properly as the project went along.”

“What Granit did really well was to listen to us, but they had a vision too. They have the expertise and ideas we didn’t have that helped to increase our confidence in making decisions. They understood how we wanted to work, not just on the build, but also the materials chosen too, like the Siberian Larch cladding.”

“If someone was thinking about appointing Granit, we’d say definitely do it. It’s worthwhile having Granit on board however big or small your project is. Use their experience as they know what works and what doesn’t. Enjoy the process too as the Granit team knows their job and will do their best to get what’s in your head into reality.”

“Overall we really enjoyed working with everybody at Granit and everyone we met and dealt with through them. We’re so pleased we made the decision to appoint them. It was a really big investment but a fabulous experience and we’re genuinely delighted with the result”