We asked Peter and Lynn about their experience working with Granit on extending and refurbishing their home in Wimbledon. We thank them for their kind words below.

“We chose Granit because we enjoyed the initial conversations with James and Vicki. Their ideas and the discussions we had were excellent. We liked another practice, too, but they were smaller, and we felt Granit would have enough time to deal with us and our project; they felt more resilient.

We started working with the team during COVID, which brought challenges with remote working. We like face-to-face meetings, and more of those would have been great, but the restrictions really limited us. Overall, we are very pleased with the experience and how our new home turned out.

We worked with James and Becky on the architectural elements and Vicki on the interior design side of things, and this worked well. Their combined experience from doing lots and lots of this type of project was so valuable; they could see the pitfalls and how our decisions would work; they were very practical, and any discussions we had were with a sound, practical voice, which was good for us. It was comforting that they seemed to know all the answers.

If there is an area we needed to understand better, it was around costs and how architects are involved in project management. We did spend more than we originally planned, so others should make sure they clearly understand the costs and how they relate to the different stages of the project.

If you are thinking of working with Granit, we would say to definitely definitely go for it. We would definitely be pleased to work with Granit again in the future.”

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