We asked Ros and Joe about their experience of working with Granit for the renovation of their home in Putney. We are thrilled with their response below and delighted with how their new home turned out.

Thank you for the kind words:

“We spent some time looking around at various architects, but we really liked Granit’s previous work.

We had a good idea of the style we wanted to achieve and needed someone with a flair for design, someone that wasn’t doing standard side returns and extensions. Granit’s design ethos seemed to fit with what we wanted. We were also impressed by their client testimonials, and they were local too.

Our overall experience has been extremely positive.

We were lucky to have James and Mantas working on our project. James is very pragmatic, and he has a lot of integrity. We never felt like he was just trying to earn some fees. It was about delivering a quality project. Some of the other architects we spoke with felt more salesy. Mantas was very efficient with the contract management. He had a massive impact on the project.

Both my husband and I have very demanding full-time jobs, so it was also brilliant to have Vicki from the interiors team working with us. Vicki saved a lot of time with planning room layouts, and scheduling and was excellent with the details.

James, Mantas and Vicki working in partnership, hand in hand, was invaluable. It was a key factor in us not spending every hour looking for the right style of products, like taps and tiles, and getting the right quality in our price range.

Vicki would always provide us with three options to choose from, even coming to site with samples and helping us to make decisions. This was fantastic.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Granit and have done so a few times already.

They have real design integrity, and they are highly efficient. They can adapt when needed, managing changes really well. They were very low maintenance.”

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