We asked Ryan and Aimee about their experience of working with Granit for the reconfiguration and refurbishment of their home in Clapham, South London and these are the highlights of what they told us:

What made you choose Granit for your project? 

We chose Granit for their design, and because they had the ability to help us through the project management piece of the project as well as the architecture. I think that was probably the key differentiator. This was our very first project and we knew we needed some guidance to help avoid mistakes. Granit definitely helped us in this regard.

How was your overall experience of working with Granit? 

We got great quality architecture. I’ll never forget the moment sitting in Granit’s office, when Emily (one of Granit’s architects) suddenly said, “What if we go through the middle?” It was one of those moments – we all looked at each other and thought ‘what a good idea’.

That idea of going through the middle was really clever. And, you know, after that, everything kind of flowed from there. The whole thing just came together beautifully.

The project management was more difficult, but with the contractor behaving unpredictably, and our own indecisiveness at certain moments, project management was not easy.

What would you say to friends or family thinking of appointing Granit?

Use them for their architecture; I would definitely recommend them for that.