The Women of Granit

International Women’s Day

As it’s International Women’s Day, we thought we would take a moment to appreciate all the women in our team who help make our projects possible!

Within the team, we have:

Lisa and Vicki

Lisa and Vicki focus on interior architecture and design. They work with our clients to ensure the space we design has the best aesthetic possible. They are super-experienced designers who contribute significantly to our projects.

Emily and Imogen

Emily and Imogen are both architectural assistants, working to help our team of architects and interior architects to deliver the best work possible. They are also both currently working hard to further their architectural education at universities in London.


Cristina is our Studio Manager and basically makes everything work at Granit. You will find Cristina busy with looking after our clients, staff support and taking care of all the administration that goes into running our practice. Cristina is also a part of the management team and is a trustee of Granit Trustees Ltd – find out more about Granit being employee-owned here.

There is nothing she cannot do!


And last but not least, we have Doodle, our office doggo. As Chief Motivational Officer, Doodle can often be found cuddled up under desks keeping people’s feet warm and greeting every office visitor with lots of kisses.

International Women’s Day
From left to right: Lisa, Vicki, Emily, Imogen, Cristina.


We are very proud of the women in our team and the significant contribution they make across all areas of our practice.