Tips for Using Natural Stone in your Kitchen

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Choosing interior surfaces can seem like a daunting task, especially when stone and solid surfaces are involved. Our team at Granit’s interior design studio in London thought we’d help you with some tips for working with natural stone…so here goes.

Large expanses of stone are often a big investment both financially and in the design stakes, as an item such as a worktop isn’t exactly the sort of feature you swap out as the season changes! With that in mind, it’s worth considering that choosing a natural stone for your home – and particularly your kitchen – isn’t just about going for the obvious, and just a few minor considerations can deliver you a premium and unique end result.


When it comes to selecting the right natural stone look for your home, the thickness can make a huge impact on how the whole look comes together. In kitchens, this is particularly relevant, where chunky worktops can make a real statement and dominate the scheme of the room, and opting for a solid, monolithic approach to stonework can feel premium when paired with interesting taps and minimal storage.

interior design studio in London

On the flip side, a new wave of sleek and minimal stone kitchen surfaces have seen a spike in popularity amongst designers, with many opting for paper-thin finishes for a contemporary feel. These thin tops look especially impactful when kitchen worktops, storage, metalwork and fixtures are all finished in one shade. Partner with a shadow gap for a clean, cool result.

Edging details

Polished edges are unlikely to ever fall out of favour, but as fashions change and new trends take shape, we have seen that people’s tastes in edge details have shifted too. For a rough and ready approach to your stone opt for sandblasted edges, which perfectly complement thick stone surfaces where a solid piece is dominant as a feature. For a sleek and contemporary approach to edge detailing try a shark nose, which tapers to allow for shadow gaps and drawer details.

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For a real statement, consider a waterfall edge, which cascades down from a top surface and meets the floor seemingly without a break. This design trick elongates surfaces to the eye and is also hardwearing and very practical in high-traffic areas.


We can’t imagine a day when composites don’t rule the roost of stone in the home, but as designers, it’s our policy to never say never! Best known for their value and durability, composites continue to increase in popularity with quartz gracing the interiors of homes nationwide. With developments in technology it is now possible to achieve all of the incredible characteristics of natural stone, but with the practicality of a manmade substrate, and so a rise in engineered stone is imminent as they become better equipped to tackle stains and damage. An essential in any busy home environment.


It’s a common desire amongst homeowners to opt for clean white finishes in the kitchen in order to increase the sense of space and also to align with expectations and assumptions about cleanliness. In reality, white stone surfaces become easily stained and damaged in even the cleanest of environments, and such an unforgiving choice of worktop can soon feel like a burden to continually maintain. For those wishing to keep with the bright and minimal theme, the best approach is to choose a stone with flecks or veining; these small threads of colour break up the overall impact of the white and help to mask the inevitable.

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Alternatively, dark grey and even black composite surfaces are a great option and make for an equally minimal feel in the space. Dark kitchens are much more forgiving, and with the right lighting and a few high-end finishes, the results are often far more premium than white.

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If you’re looking to incorporate natural stone into your interior scheme with the help and advice of a team of experts, contact Granit, our interior design studio in London. We’re on hand to help make those little touches come to life in your home. You could also contact the Stone Federation if you’re looking for an accredited stone supplier, or find our trusted partners here.

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