Welcome Nayeem Hassan

Nayeem Hassan

We have been busy recruiting again this summer and we’re delighted to welcome Nayeem to the Granit team.

Nayeem moved to London from Ottawa, Canada four years ago after completing a BA in History and Theory of Architecture at Carleton University. Wanting to become a fully qualified Architect, and be in the architectural hub of Europe, he began his studies at the University of Westminster and graduated with a BSc in Architecture with Engineering in June 2013. Nayeem’s final year project was focused around architecture and urban agriculture and used Hackney’s mid-1900 history of seasonal hop picking to reintroduce the area around Hackney Oval to hop picking in a modernised barn-like multifunctional hop growing space, community garden, and DIY craft beer brewing facility.

After graduating from Westminster Nayeem worked at a small Architectural start-up focusing on construction calibre BIM modelling. Here he was introduced to emerging technology including 3D Point-cloud scanning and new quantification software.

Growing up in Canada Nayeem developed a passion for Architecture that is influenced by clean, nature-inspired design, which mixes concrete, timber and glass. He particularly enjoys the work of Tres Birds Workshop and almost all Nordic architecture. His love of Nordic architecture comes from summers spent in hand-built cabins and cottages by the lake with friends in Canada. Ultimately, this was what drew him to Architecture. Nayeem hopes to one day buy property and build his own cottage by the lake to spend with friends and family.

“I thoroughly enjoy living in London, as it gives me quick access, and the ability, to travel and experience different cultures and environments on quick weekend getaways. When I’m not working or travelling I enjoy spending my spare time 3D Printing jewellery and doing Architectural visualisations.”

Welcome to the team Nayeem.