We’ve Been Busy in 2023

As 2023 ebbs into the Christmas holidays, we’ve been reflecting on some of our projects currently on site.

Like most building design practices, we’re guilty of only showing part of the story. We share our successes in getting planning permission and celebrate the lovely homes our clients end up with. You can read about the planning successes here and look at our completed projects here.

But we hardly ever talk about the bit in the middle. You know, when the builders come in and turn your site upside down and inside out. It’s always a messy process. But it’s fair to say our whole team love this bit. It’s often why they trained as architects and interior designers in the first place. It’s when we start seeing our ideas lifted from a drawing and put into real life. It’s a gradual, messy, complicated process, which is why we do so much training.

In the spirit of showing off and celebrating the construction phase (RIBA Stage 5 and 6 for those interested), here are some of the projects we currently have on-site, with some pretty terrible photos to go with them – I did say it’s a messy old business.

Energy Efficient New Build in Barnes

Having received planning permission in 2022 to replace the existing dilapidated house, we designed a contemporary, highly energy-efficient home for our clients – who live next door – that sits in between two houses. You can read about it here.

Take a look at those steels holding the two neighbouring properties apart:

Transforming an HMO in Surbiton into a Modern Family Home

Our clients purchased an HMO (house in multiple occupation) with the view to extending, remodelling and turning it into a modern family home. We helped them through planning, and now we’re on-site with the project.

You can see where we’re putting a new extension on the back here:

And here’s the new roof on top of the extension:

You can read all about it here.

Remodelling a Detached House in Danbury, Essex.

This project is the radical transformation of a 20th century house with a thatched roof in Danbury, Essex. We’re really excited to see this one coming to life, and you can see in the image below the steel structure frame for the extension:


You can read all about this one here.

Arts & Crafts’ Property in Farley Green, Guildford

We’re really proud of this one because it took a complex planning strategy to get consent for a scheme that was perfect for our clients. Their goal was to extend the property and add new features, such as a utility room, that would make it a better family home.

Here are some photos of the extension coming together:

You can find out more about this project here.

New Build House in Wandsworth

This project is on a prominent site overlooking the fashionable Northcote Road. We are working with a commercial developer client this time to realise a 300 sqm, five bedroomed upside down house, with a basement that’s also very energy efficient.

These photos show what it looks like when the steel frame goes up, which is always an exciting moment in every project:

You can find out more about this project here.

Refurbishment of a Semi-Detached Home in Blackheath

This is a project being led by Vicki Wilson in our interior design team, with a brief of upgrading it and making the spaces more usable – earlier extensions left a lot to be desired.

You can see in the images below how the ground floor has been rearranged, but also some lovely tiles we have specified and had installed in one of the bathrooms:

You can find out more about this project here.

They may not be the most beautiful images, but they show the reality of what it takes to transform an existing property into something that perfectly fits your needs.

It’s fair to say, everyone at Granit loves buildings. If you have a project that requires some TLC, drop us a line here – we are always happy to help.