Wilson Gains Conservation Architect Accreditation

At Granit we have a history of working with many different types of architecture and architectural styles, including those where you need to have some experience as a conservation architect. Much of the work you see in our portfolio is modern, with clean lines, lots of white space and a contemporary finish. However we have also worked on our fair share of historical buildings too.

Architect and Director Robert Wilson recently furthered his knowledge in this area by completing a conservation architecture course with the RIBA. This means Robert is now a RIBA Accredited Conservation Registrant.

What does that mean?

“A Conservation Registrant (CR) is able to demonstrate good working and background knowledge of key aspects of conservation practice, principles and philosophy, and to understand when guidance or supervision is required.”

In other words our experience enables us to provide guidance to clients where conservation is important: projects involving heritage buildings, listed buildings, sites with important monuments or within conservation areas. Get in touch if that sounds like you.

Robert took the course as part of our programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), essential if we are to remain a Chartered Architecture Practice