Zebra Property Group: Appeal to Support Ukraine

There seems very little a London Architects’ practice can do about the war in Ukraine, but there is clearly a need for action.

A partner of Granit’s called Zebra Property Group is more directly affected and is taking action. We are happy to spread the word of their initiative and encourage you to read on. We hope our friends, colleagues, partners, associates and clients who are able to help, will respond to their call.

We of course wish their team well and hope the dreadful hostilities in Ukraine are brought to an end as swiftly as possible.


From Jame Menzies, Zebra Property Group: 

We have a number of our team who are from Ukraine or work in Ukrainian factories – the impact of this crisis on their professional and personal lives is unsurprisingly extreme.

Currently, those of our team that live in the UK are wanting to drive supplies back to their country to help their friends and relatives out there. We want to help and would love your help to do so. If you can spare any of the below items for those in Ukraine then they would be really appreciated.

We have an office in Clapham that the vans (and hopefully lorries!) will be collecting from, items can be ‘ubered’ to us or dropped off in person (ideally) between 8am – 10am and 2pm – 4pm.

Our address is Zebra Property Group, 38 Lavender Hill, London. SW11 5RL.

We have set up an email address that is being managed by one of the Zebra team: ukraine@zebrapropertygroup.com – if you have a large goods donation or would like to make a financial contribution or purchase items to help please contact this address.

If you can share or forward this message to anyone you think might be able to help that would be great. We hope that by doing this directly with our friends in Ukraine we are able to quickly help those who need it and not waste valuable time and money.

If there are any companies that would like to donate, sponsor or help with this then we would be very grateful if you could make touch via the email address

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Items that are useful to be donated (and can be dropped at our office):

  • Medical supplies (anything in particular first aid, bandages, sanitisers etc)
  • Clothes – warm as possible
  • Camping supplies – cookers, pots, pans
  • Bedding, sleeping mats, sleeping blankets, pillows
  • Ready-made non-perishable food parcels – i.e. boil in the bag
  • Financial contributions

We can steer you to companies that will supply these things and we will then transport:

  • Some body armour that we will try and purchase to transport out there from places like vestguard
  • Food and equipment to heat it

Please email ukraine@zebrapropertygroup.com if you would like to help buy some of these things for the crisis, or indeed donate towards the effort

#ukraine #ukrainecrisis


Image courtesy of Kedar Gadge.